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How to Choose a Banner

While digital advertising is an effective way to market your company, it fails to reach customers in real life. Physical displays like banners offer a targeted, reusable medium for brand awareness that reach customers in tangible everyday life. When placed in a high traffic area, displayed at sponsored events, or used to stand out at trade shows or career fairs, banners reach a concentrated group of relevant people and help you stand out from the crowd.

In comparison, banners are a far cheaper solution on a per customer basis, and more durable—they may even outlast your company’s logo. However, the material you choose and the way you design your banner depends on where and how you’d like to display it in relation to your audience. We put together a guide to help you better understand the different types of banners and things you should consider when making your decision.

HDPE HD banner texture and close-up.

Material: Poly Ethelene Tear Free Paper

These high quality, smooth finish prints are single-sided and can be a maximum of 47” wide. While this is a lightweight material, the material has a high tear strength, durable fade temperature, and is water resistant.

Canvas banner example.

Material: Polyester Cotton

While canvas banners are also single-sided, they have more texture and can be up to 74” wide. The canvas is printed with a gesso finish that is smooth for increased life, and has a semi-gloss inside and out.

Poster paper banner offset printing.

Poster Paper
Material: Bright White Satin Utility Paper

Poster paper is ideal for being placed on a wall or as trade show graphics. These products offer a more short-term solution intended for indoor. The single-sided prints can be up to 50” wide with a weight similar to A4 paper and 8 mil thickness.

Mesh banner on a fence.

Material: Breathable, Flexible Mesh

Mesh banners have a 37% airflow making them a great solution for fences and other outdoor presentations. The single-sided displays work great with welding, grommets, and rope to ensure readability.

Fabric banner swatches.

Material: UV Coated Fabric

These weather protective banners are water resistant and work great for both indoor and outdoor solutions. The single sided displays can be up to 70” wide and pair well with sewing and grommets.

Things to keep in mind:

How far away will audiences be viewing from? At what angle? For how long?
While a gloss finish gives images some extra pop, it’s susceptible to glare in natural light.
The same display will appear more vibrant in an indoor setting than it will outside.